​​​​​​​​The No Worries journey begins in the future, not in the past.  We have wild aspirations of moving into a cuddly log cabin, or off grid yurt, on a slice of large acreage.  We want to become one with nature, and transition from a dependent lifestyle to a more self-sustained existence.

This is our future.


Our vision includes growing our own food, managing livestock, and making many of the products we purchase from big box stores at home.

Homemade all the things!!

So we started with soap.  We watched hours upon hours of videos, read soap artisan blogs until our eyes bled, gathered entirely too many products and ingredients, and jumped headlong into making our first batch.


It was ... to put it kindly ... a disaster.


There were many tears.  There was much profanity.


After a few more disastrous, tear-stained batches, we got the hang of it.  Or, if truth be told, it got the hang of us.


So here we are, many years after that first horrendous batch of the ugliest soap any human eye has ever seen, and we are still clutching tightly to that dream.


We will become artisan soap makers.  We will move to the country. We will have that yurt (or rustic log cabin).

When you purchase from No Worries, you are not purchasing from a large corporation or from a conglomerate organization, you are supporting our tiny family and our huge dreams!

Meet The Team

Hannah and Michael Herrick


Perry Herrick

Human Resources Director

Walter Herrick

Sales Coordinator