Make This 1 Change and Improve Your Finances Forever.

March 11, 2018



Rick Ross was right.


Stay with me now.  I know you are thinking that Rick Ross may not be the best example of what we at No Worries are trying to accomplish, being he is an American rapper and we are an eco-friendly soap company, but we do have one thing in common.


The hustle.


Living a No Worries lifestyle is not child's play.  It requires a bit of hustle.  Now, that hustle does not need to be an immediate overhaul into every aspect of your life. 


It's the small changes in life that create dramatic impact.


Studies show that the number two reason most relationships dissolve, whether they be romantic or business in nature, is due to financial strain.  When they said money makes the world go round - they were right.


Let me be clear, I don't believe that money is the most important thing in life.  It isn't. 


However, if the rent is due, your electricity has been disconnected, and you do not have the funds to handle either, your life can feel harder than a coffin nail.


In addition to cleansing your skin, I want you to cleanse your checkbook.


There are small ways you can improve your financial situation and, in doing so, improve your life.


Over the next week, if you implement this one task, your 2019 self will be forever grateful.


Take your lunch to work! 


Most folks spend ~$10 a day for their morning coffee and lunch.  That's $2,600 a year.  TWENTY SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Think of the amazing, zen-filled vacation you could enjoy with that extra $2,600 sitting in  your bank account. 


Or, if I am allowed a suggestion, you could put that extra cashola towards your student loan or credit card debt.


I encourage you to be more intentional when it comes to food preparation.  Make your own low-carb wraps.  Shred your own cheese for crying out loud. 


Your 2019 checkbook will thank you for making this one, small change but your 2019 health may very well be even more appreciative.


Try it for a week. 


Make your lunch and fill it with all the yummy things that you like to eat.  Don't depend on someone else to make you something delicious (and, let's be honest, how many times have you been disappointed with your sandwich that you just laid down a 10 spot for?).


Rick Ross was right.  In life you must challenge yourself to keep "hustlin, hustlin, hustlin."


I'm proud of you already.



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