Your Belongings Will Clog Your Brain Faster Than a Southern Diet Will Clog Your Arteries.

March 18, 2018




Clean Your Space + Clear Your Mind = #winning


As with all things we recommend here at No Worries, I don't expect anyone to change all the things in one day, one week, one month, or even one year.  Remember our conversation about small steps?  This post is another example of some small steps you can implement that I believe will greatly improve your head space by improving your living space.


Happiness is a state of being, not a state of having.


Below are five things that I want you to toss into the street TODAY (okay, don't toss them into the street, please donate or recycle where possible and/or discard responsibly).



 1.  Jewelry


If you haven't worn it in a year, it needs to go (heirloom pieces aside, of course).  If it is chipped or tarnished beyond recognition, it needs to go.  Note that there are seven days in a week.  Do you really need 23 pairs of earrings?  I would gather that you do not.  When you have a multitude of anything (jewelry, socks, whatever your "thing" is), it can take up too much square footage in your head space.  Purge your jewelry box.  Do it today.



 2.  Expired/Rarely Used Beauty Products


Don't even ask yourself why you still have that tube of blue mascara from 2006 in your warpaint toolkit.  You don't need to have an internal discussion as you clear out that bag with three shades of glitter on the zipper.  Keep what is fresh, discard what is old.  Keep what you use, discard that which you do not.  This applies to every-single-aspect of your life but we'll have that talk another day.



 3.  Clothing that no longer fits or is damaged.


Now I realize that the young kids who don't live in the "get off my lawn" decade that I am turning the corner on have purposefully damaged jeans and tees.  I'm not talking about that cute pair of shorts that look as if you were dropped into a tiger cage, I'm talking about those items which are actually damaged.  I'm talking about that work shirt with the mustard stain.  I'm talking about that jacket with the broken snaps.  There is no reason to have those options cluttering your head space when looking into your closet. 



 4.  Books


This one is hard for me to mention as I used to have a serious problem with book hoarding in my recent past but, if it does not have sentimental value (meaning you aren't going to cry literal tears), donate those stacks of books.  Again, for clarity purposes, if you've turned those pages a 1,000 times, or if it is signed by your favorite author, keep 'em.  If not - don't be stingy - spread that joy of reading with your local library or school system.



 5.  Coffee Mugs


If two people live in  your house, you do not need 17 coffee mugs.  Knock it off.  No more explanation needed.


I'm proud of you already.







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