You Need Only Sow One Seed This Spring.

April 1, 2018


We humans are much more delicate than we care to admit.  We have soft petals and our stems bend when battered by the winds of life's troubles.  Our centers are under constant attack and trampled upon by the pollinators of the world.


These pollinators are your friends!


We may want to swat away those that come into contact with our soft centers and our delicate stems, but those that we encounter, those that challenge us the most, those are our pollinators in life.


Without them, we cannot grow.  We can only become stronger humans by enduring the pollinators in life, by allowing them access into our sphere.


They make us into what we need to be - STRONG!


During this resurgence, as the season of winter lies down to sleep and spring rises, I want you to focus on tending only one garden. Your human garden.


I want you to put things into your body that bring you joy and growth.  I want you to allow things in your home that bring you joy and growth.  And on those days when life is too much, when outside is too much, when your thoughts are too much, I want you to give your garden permission to rest.


I'm proud of you already!




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