Turn Emergencies Into Inconveniences.

April 18, 2018


Without a proper Emergency Fund, an inconvenience can become a REAL emergency.


34% of Americans have absolutely no savings.

35% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.


These numbers terrify me.  They also make me extremely sad.  The anxiety that comes with crippling debt makes it difficult to fully manage any other aspect of your life.


So what is an Emergency Fund?  An Emergency Fund is an amount set aside in a savings account that you do not touch until an emergency presents itself.


Most in the financial advice giving community say that an Emergency Fund set at $1,000 is sufficient.  I do not necessarily agree that $1,000 is enough (let's triple that) but it is one hell of a good start.


Example:  When Michael and I purchased our home in 2010, we spent every red cent we had on the down payment and closing costs.  So, when we noticed (TWO DAYS LATER) that I needed new tires in a desperate way, it was no longer an inconvenience, it was a financial emergency.  We just did not have the $500.


So, what did we do?  What most people do.  We placed that purchase on our credit card.  And then proceeded to pay 29% interest on that purchase over the next two months.




Living a No Worries lifestyle means buckling down and tightening the belt when it comes to the precious dolla'dolla bill.


You have to protect yourself from life's inconveniences so that they do not swell up into emergencies. 


You can do this.


I'm proud of you already!






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