Baby. Got. Stacks!

June 2, 2018

We at No Worries want you to have clean skin and a clean lifestyle, but we want you to have a dirty mind that is cluttered with words. 



Each year I, and some of the best friends I have ever known that are scattered across this great American land, visit a book convention. 


This year it is the American Library Association's annual convention.


I visited ALA in 2016 in Orlando and - boy howdy - talk about a great time.  When I first walked into the Exhibits arena, I was in awe.  I felt like a little kid let loose in a candy store.  My mind had trouble comprehending it all and I had no idea where to even start.  It was a glorious time with engaging exhibitors who were jump-up-n-down excited to talk about the new books and products entering the market.


Their enthusiasm (and friendly smile) was infectious.


After each convention I travel home with stacks on stacks on stacks ... of books.  It takes many months to swim to the sandy bottom of each stack. 



When I've finished with each stack, I donate them to the Houston Public Library. 


Share the word wealth!


Later this month, as I travel to ALA in New Orleans, I will be thinking of each and every one of my No Worries' tribe members. 


I hope to find books that will teach me exciting new methods of soapmaking


I hope to find books that will teach me how to market our luxurious products more appropriately. 


I hope to find books that will teach me how to live a debt free, intentional lifestyle.


I hope to find books that will teach me how best to control anxiety while boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.


I hope to find books that will teach me how to be a better human.


I am going to make this trip about you - yes, you.  I am going to scour the isles and scrub the shelves in search of books that will give me the educational tools in order to enrich your experience when interacting with the No Worries team, as well as make the No Worries Lifestyle area the engine I truly desire it to be.


I want to learn all the things so that I can then share all the things. 


Why?  Because I love you. 



You're a fellow human on this round, blue ball we call home and if I can assist even one person on how to better enjoy their experience while we float around, I will have lived my best life.


I'm proud of me already!



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