The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

July 27, 2018

Are you a debt slave or a financial freedom fighter? 


I want you to put on a bright, red cape and become the hero your family deserves. 



Acknowledge It


Maybe you effed up.  Maybe you gots too many credit cards.  Maybe you're not paying them on time.  Maybe you gots a fancy SUV.  Maybe your payments are $600 a month.  Maybe you gots more house than you need.  Maybe your mortgage is now 60% of your take home pay.  Maybe you eat at restaurants more than you eat at home.     



Pull out Your Pomp-Poms


You! Can! Do! It!  You can become debt free.  Yes, life happens - and when it does, it can easily place you into the shackles of debt.  But you absolutely can do this. 


You are smart, you are loved, you are amazing.  You don't need material possessions to be awesome because you already ARE awesome.  You can do this.  


Repeat after me:  I CAN DO THIS!



Here Comes the Hard Part


Now that we no longer have our head buried in the sand and have given ourselves the proper pep talk, let's get busy. 


You need a budget.  You need to know exactly what is coming in, and going out, each month.  Before you even start paying on that credit card with a 27% interest rate, you need to hash out a budget.  Is it going to suck?  Oh yes my pretties, it is most certainly going to suck. 


Do it anyway!



Defeat Your Devil


You must know the devil to defeat the devil.  You need to pull out a piece of paper and list how much you owe.  Yes, every penny to every institution.  List them all out - smallest to largest.  Once you know who you owe, and how much you owe, you are ready to put a game plan into action.



Hut, Hut, HIKE


You are going to be bobbing and weaving around some pretty hefty temptations.  Friends who invite you to happy hour.  Family members who invite you to the beach.  Spouses who want a date night. 


You will be forced to throw up your best defense against these threats as they WILL jeopardize your progress.  Until you have wrestled free from the undertow of debt, until the tide of interest charges and overdraft fees has receded, you are going to become besties with the word "no."


Say it with me:  "NO!  Breaking free from the chains of debt slavery is more important than [insert some bullsh*t you don't need here]." 


Now, pull out that notebook and start working on your budget today.  Not tomorrow.  Don't  you even think about waiting until next week. 


Do it today.


I'm proud of you already!



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