Make Second Hand Second Nature

October 9, 2018


I want saving money and securing a debt-free future to become second nature.  The thought of buying second hand is alien to some folks and if you didn't grow up in a household with an open mind towards such things, it may seem repulsive even.


Let me help you shake the jitters and list for you all the many ways buying second hand is not only good for your wallet but also good for the soul.



1) Become a Necromancer:  When you buy second hand you are giving life to something once thought dead.  You can breathe new energy into that blouse Sally no longer has a use for but would go perfect with your [insert awesomeness here].  You can wield the magic needed to create a beautiful assemble. 


Instagram me your amazing finds:  @noworriessoap



2) Sustainability:  It takes a lot of resources to create the clothing we wear.  Water. Chemicals. Shipping emissions.  Those depleted resources can create issues like a loss of habitat for animals and pollution of natural resources.  


Did you know it takes almost 2,000 gallons of water to produce one pair of jeans?  Save those 2,000 gallons by shopping at your local second hand store.  Get that $200 pair of jeans for $20 and then gift them to your cousin or a friend.  Keep the circle of sustainability going!



3) $$$$$: Becoming debt free means becoming inventive.  There are many ways to strip dollars and cents from your monthly spending, and buying second hand is one great way to accomplish that goal.  Maybe your sweet pea doesn't need a new $20 toy from Target.  Maybe a second hand fire truck from the thrift store would bring them just as much joy.


Every decision you make should be about your money and how best to squirrel away as much as possible. 



Escape your shackles and shed the burden of debt slavery. 


Become independent. 


Become free. 


I'm proud of you already!


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Make Second Hand Second Nature

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